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"Trouble With Lichen"

John de Rivaz John at longevb.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 24 06:14:59 EST 1995

In article: <Pine.3.89.9502230853.B15067-0100000 at Kay-Abernathy.tenet.edu> 
dashley at tenet.edu writes:
> "Trouble With Lichen" should be required reading (listening) of all 
> biology and chemistry students as well as political science and list 
> serve subscribers.
> The concepts about anti-aging solution are thorough and accurate.  New 
> technology frequently must go through the politics.
> Their was opposition to automobile development.  3 million Americans have 
> died in traffic since 1st auto in 1896.  Billions of $ manipulated in oil 
> industry because we couldn't stifle the car.  Horses put to pasture or to 
> dog food.
> How many lives have been saved by rapid transportation?
> The fictional lichen from China lends a mysterious credibility.  
> Consider their liberal policies with alternative medicine and health 
> technology.  Humans have been experimented on in the East without the 
> reprimand of FDA.
> Have you ever noticed the smoothness of the skin of the Chinese? 

less DHT? (the breakdown product of Testosterone?)
less sunlight?

> Do the Chinese register births in US or UK bureaus of vital stats?  Are 
> they required to notify us if they find anti-geron?  We should require 
> them to post all research for us to regulate.  That way they can't get 
> ahead of us.
Pure paranoia to suggest that the Chinese have an anti-geron, use it, 
and keep it quiet. It would not be possible. They may find it and 
supress it totally, but then so could people in the West.

> Why are there 1 billion+ Chinese and only 1/4 billion US people?  Is it 
> lack of birth management or is it longevity?

probably because of pro-excessive-birth traditions.

> John,  Thank you for the tape, I'm on second listening.
It was also available as a book. I don't have a copy, but it was probably 
published in paperback by Penguin. Ask at your bookseller.

> "Care To Live An Extra 100 Years" video is in the mail.

I await with interest.


> I'll abandon the cheap shots on the net.  It was counter-productive.
I disagree - the so called cheap shots tell us how the avergae man will 

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