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Attitudes to life extension via genetic engineering

Rick Abrams ricka at praline.no.NeoSoft.com
Mon Feb 27 11:44:55 EST 1995

In article <Pine.SOL.3.91.950226233909.13784A-100000 at corona>,
Patrick O'Neil  <patrick at corona> wrote:
>On 26 Feb 1995, Rick Abrams wrote:
>> Please define natural life span. Is it the 120 years of the 
>> woman in France; or my father's, who died two years younger
>> than I am today (heart failure). 
>There is no set, hard span but I have read estimates that put maximum 
>human lifespan at around 120 years, which doesn't bode all too well for 
>the Frenchwoman, depending on how one views things.  If I were a betting 
>man, I would bet against the woman getting to 125. 
>  The max possible is barring other factors such as cancer, heart 
>disease, alzheimer's, congenital defects, etc.    
>Unfortunately for your father, disease got him rather than age-related 

Think it through, why is 125 a 'natural death' but 46 not? All I see
is you saying is 'words mean what ever I want them to mean.'

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