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Class Action For Research

Don Ashley dashley at TENET.EDU
Tue Feb 28 07:54:56 EST 1995

Please forward list of 'freedom fighters.'

We have group who would gladly put up front money for class action suit 
on discrimination against elderly via deprivation of funds for research 
on anti-aging genetics.


On Tue, 28 Feb 1995, John de Rivaz wrote:

> I think then I and others write "lawyers" we refer to the actions of the 
> profession as a whole, not individuals within it. As Frederick Mann of Terra 
> Libra has written, there are lawyers who are also freedom fighters, and they 
> often work to curb the excesses of their profession.
> The professions are like creatures that use individuals as their cells, and 
> they "eat" other individuals (litigants in the case of lawyers). Humanity as 
> a whole is denied the services of individuals who are members of wealth 
> destroying professions. The ability to memorise large amounds of data and 
> manipulate it under pressure is the hallmark of a successful lawyer. 
> Unfortunately it also is a prerequisite of a successful biochemist or other 
> researcher into the causes and cures of disease.
> Because we-the-people pay lawyers more than biochemists, we are primarily to 
> blame for the fact that there are more lawyers denying us freedom than their 
> are biochemists curing our diseases. 
> Dr Keys, whose article reproduced below caused this comment, may also like 
> to ponder the concept of suing the government for murder in respect of 
> witholding funds from fundamental ageing research mentioned in another 
> thread on this group. I agree that the case is unlikely to win, but the 
> publicity and public discussion of the principles involved would be 
> much more useful than the average law case. 
> [To give an example of what is a waste of wealth. In the UK, the 
> manufacturers and the government spent the cost of building a small village 
> on deciding whether a product known as "Jaffa Cakes" were cakes or biscuits. 
> The outcome affects the tax penalty on selling the product. The money the 
> company spent would probably have provided several more jobs, and the 
> government supports the unemployed ... out of money confiscated by 
> taxation.]
> In article: <3ir9j8$jqr at pipe4.pipeline.com>  rkeysphd at pipeline.com (Ronald 
> B. Keys J.D. Ph.D) writes:
> > 
> > Gentlemen, 
> >  
> > Is it really necessary to bash lawyers, here? Some lawyers are even very
> > nice and like myself, have been a member of the Life Extension Foundation
> > since 1983.  I publish as a public advocate as well as a clinician
> > counseling professional on this and a number of other biology-related
> > databases. And my material is on patient assessment, molecular biology and
> > metabolic pathways, not pathways to the courtroom.  Lets stop lumping and
> > generalizing and getting negative or you are just going to turn people 
> off.
> >  Be professional and act like menschen. 
> >  
> > From the cutting edge,  
> >  
> > Ronald B. Keys, JD, PhD (rkeysphd at pipeline.com) 
> > National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys 
> > American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine 
> > American Academy of Clinical Gerontology 
> > International Association of Biomedical Gerontology 
> > American Aging Association 
> > Life Extension Foundation 
> > Professional Mediator 
> > 
> > 
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